Ezio Bosso

Alis heard Ezio Bosso on the radio this morning and discussion of his Italian tour. She looked him up on the internet and we have just been listening to some recordings made by this amazing musician. http://www.eziobosso.com/en/

In 2011 Bosso underwent brain surgery. Following the surgery he lost everything, language, music: he remembered it, but did not understand it. It came back slowly and in the end he was able to say;  “I learned that music is part of me, but not me. At best, I am at the service of music. ”  Slowly, with great suffering and many joys, thanks to friends he has regained “the coordination between body and mind needed to return to the piano. ” He now speaks with difficulty, can no longer run, but can still play. “Before I could play for ten hours a day, now I have to stop after two (my neighbours will be pleased). ”

A story of bravery and perseverance against what must have seemed insurmountable obstacles.

He lives in London, where he’s been principal conductor and artistic director of the only large string orchestra in England: The London Strings.

You can find a lot of his recordings that he has uploaded on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/buxusconsort?feature=mhee

He also has an album of automotive interest “Road Sign Variation”. Here is one track “Speed Limit, A Night Ride”

Another which I like very much is “Exit, Run44” from the Album “Road Sign Variations”



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