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I hope you enjoy my selection of photos. Most of these photos were taken by Alis Agostini. Her blog (in Italian) is

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A new dashboard in elm veneer and instruments with magnolia faces for our Morgan Plus 4



This is a photo record of the voyage that I made with the Jubilee Sailing Trust ship Tenacious from Monaco, Monte Carlo, to Gibraltar. I joined the ship on the 22 March 2014 and crewed on the Forward Starboard Watch.


A nice 30 hour round trip of over 900 km with an overnight stay at Villingen in Black Forest to listen to jazz. John Zainer, piano, and Arno Haas, sax. We took the San Bernardino which is slightly longer than San Gottardo but a much nicer drive with less traffic. Coming back we turned off at Lugano and took the ferry from Menaggio to Varenna and thence home. As you can see we had fantastic weather, cold in the mountains but cosy in the Morgan, top down all the way.


Inspired by the devotion of Frère Jacques I have put up most of the photos Alis took on our pilgrimage to the abbeys and monasteries of Provence. The piety and devotion of the brothers and sisters should be an inspiration to all who stray from the the straight roads and onto the narrow and twisted paths. If only all wanderers could face the temptations of road with the same serenity and joy.

Each year a small group of Morganisti organise a tour in their home region. It is usually limited to 6 cars, and 5 or 6 days. This year it was in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France, specifically the departments of Lot, Aveyron, and Tarn. We started in the town of Cahors and continued to circulate on wonderful roads following rivers and streams, spectacular gorges, passing medieval villages and towns, stopping every so often to refresh ourselves with local delicacies and wonderful wine.


This is a photo record of the construction of our Morgan Plus 4. The car went into build on the 13th February 2012 and was ready for collection at the factory on the 20th March.


This is a photo record of our trip from the Morgan factory in Malvern to return home with our new Morgan Plus 4. I will add captions over the next couple of days.


This is a record of our visit to the Morgan Factory in England. We test drove a Morgan Plus 4 and then placed an order for a new Morgan Plus 4


This is the photo record of our visit to Kyoto. Many of the photos are without captions.

What can one say about Nara? It is the oldest capital of Japan and as such contains many important temples and shrines. During the season it also contains thousands of tourists. Our selection of photos only tells of our brief visit on a very hot and humid day.

Iga Ueno is a little off the tourist track but was the home of one of the important Ninja schools. There is an intersting Ninja Museum and a beautiful small Japanese castle.

Despite the almost continual rain we enjoyed the boat ride down the Hozugawa

Guzzino is a Moto Guzzi specialist in the country near the town of Toyohashi. The business is owned and run by Keishi Iwase and his wife Yumi.

Niko is a town in the mountains north of Tokyo. Places to visit include many important temples and shrines and the restored villa which was once the summer residence of the Imperial family.

Hatcho no Yu onsen (Okukinu Onsen, Tochigi-ken)<br/> Photos Alis Agostini, July 2010


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