The snow has arrived in Mandello

This morning it started snowing with a vengeance. Everything, even near the lake, is covered in snow. I went out this morning shortly after it started but within an hour the roads were a slippery white and vehicles were sliding all over the place. My car is an Alfa Romeo Crosswagon, which means it has full time four wheel drive. Even so I had trouble coming down a steep hill and I did my best to avoid any steep roads after that.

We were going to go to Lecco this evening to eat a pizza with friends but we have decided to stay local. It is not so much that we are worried about getting stuck but if someone else blocks the road we may have trouble getting home.

Alis has just come back in after going out for a few minutes. She tells me that now it has got dark and the temperature has dropped well below zero the roads and paths have become very icy.

Some sun is forecast for tomorrow and I will try to get a photo attached to this post.

Anyway now that this weather seems to have set in it is too cold to work in the workshop (no heating) and at least I will be able to spend some time on the retro blog of our trip in Australia.


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